Choose Best Music to Spice Up your Videos

Music has an important role in spicing up your video to become alive. It’s a way to light up the atmosphere and deliver the message more efficiently. Choosing the right music for your video can be really frustrating. In this article, we will give you some tips about how to pick the perfect music track for your video projects.

Avoid Using Vocal Tracks if It’s not Really Necessary

Vocal tracks are really great to listen but not for background music with voice over. Vocals on the music can be interrupting the voice over or the main voice (for example in an interview session). If you really need to choose a vocal track for your project, you must have another things to consider: The vocal words/lyrics must support the main idea of the video projects. However, a non-vocal tracks can give the same atmosphere and it’s safer to use.

Royalty Free Music Library vs Custom Royalty Free Music

Having an exclusive music for your video projects must be a good thing, but is it really a necessary? The scope of your project are the most important things to consider before hiring a composer to make your videos alive. If your videos are only for school presentation or birthday videos for example, would be a waste to give it a custom music which doesn’t come cheap. Additionally, hiring a composer would make your project timeline longer.

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Never use any popular or commercial music in your video projects, even if your clients asked you to. Using a Maroon 5 track in your videos will give you a hard time in uploading and monetizing your videos. As alternative, you can visit many Royalty Free Music libraries that provide high-quality music with low price such as Audiojungle. These royalty free music tracks can be bought without need to afraid of copyright claims on any websites (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, etc).

Deal with The Genre

Every music genre gives different energy for your video project. Just keep in mind that your business branding are really connected with the music you chose in your videos. If you are still not knowing about the target audience, it’s better to choose the normal music with less dynamic pace.

Knowing your Target Audience

If you haven’t know about your target audience, then you must now! Your videos are the way how the viewers know more about your product. Remember to think about your products audience. Knowing their information such as gender, age, and profession will help you to choose the right music for your video projects. For example if your products are youth fashion things, then you can use any energetic and uplifting music as your background music.

Choose the Atmosphere

Do you want your viewers feel happy when they watch your video? Or should they be amazed about your new time-lapse video? All of these feelings can be obtained by using music that will generate specific emotion. A great way to find a proper music in a royalty free music library is by splitting your screen up. Use half part of the screen to play your video without music and play out the music in the half screen next to it. Usually you can download the preview file with watermarked voice before you decide to buy music form any libraries.