What Is Copyright Claims?


Ever seen this picture on any videos?

Have you ever got copyright claims on your uploaded videos? Copyright claim means your videos were using one or more copyrighted contents (music, video footage, pictures, etc). Usually the copyright owner will ask Youtube to delete your content or monetize your video but the revenue from the ads will be theirs. Sometimes the copyright owner just release the claim, but that thing rarely happened.

Nowadays, Youtube is not the only one platform that really strict on Copyrighted Things. Some of our users even got their videos deleted on their Facebook and Instagram because they used copyrighted music for the background sounds. Those things would be annoying for some people that don’t really know the rules.

How to Avoid Copyright Claims / Strikes?

The safest way to avoid copyright claim or strikes is to make sure you made all the contents by yourself. But the things would be exhausting and of course wasting time. Here are some tips to avoid copyright claims / video deletion:

1. Search for Royalty Free Music

There are many terms on the internet for Royalty Free Music. You can search for No Copyright Music, Copyright Free Music, or Royalty Free Music on the internet, there are many marketplace that provide Royalty Free Music. If you need freebies, maybe you can check our free library of Royalty Free Music.

2. Find Picture With CC0 License

If you need any picture for your videos then you can just find them on the internet. Just search for Royalty Free Pictures or CC0 Pictures, you can find both premium website or free website that provide good images to use.

3. Never Use Video Footages from Popular Channel

Some people use the footage from popular channel such as National Geographic or Popular Movies. We never know whether these videos are copyrighted or not, so our advise is never use the popular videos. You can find many CC0 license videos on internet, just search them.

4. Mute Game Sounds if You Do Live Streaming (For Gaming Channel)

Of course it’s sucks knowing that some games copyrighted their music. You could get copyright claim when you do live streaming, even sometimes you could get a strike and should cancel the live streaming. Never take a risk, and you could use royalty free music on the background.